About us

Over the past several years, RuralShores has evolved an “operating template” that can be applied for successful rural delivery across processes and geographical regions. This consists of three key elements (i) talent model honed to work with rural youth; (ii) sustainable operating centre business model and (iii) knowledge intermediation approach.  RuralShores is a proven model. Currently we have 2500 employees in 17 centres in 10 states, delivering over 45 processes to more than 30 blue chip clients.
RuralShores offers its employees an opportunity to support their seasonal family income with a steady monthly income without having to migrate to the next big city. Their success in turn encourages fellow villagers to educate their children, including the daughters. Women constitute nearly 50% of our employees. It supports people looking for livelihood, operating only at sub-taluk level in backward areas with undergraduate educated youth from surrounding villages.

We are backed by an experienced management team and supported by industry leaders and global investors. Partnering with RuralShores provides corporates a unique opportunity to contribute to building of rural communities and supporting CSR programs.

The Vision

Transforming Rural Youth into Confident and Caring Knowledge Professionals through Impact Sourcing

The Mission

Enskill – Employ – Empower – Engage
A Countryside, Nationwide Social Initiative focusing on providing Employability Solutions and Employment Opportunities for rural youth

The Objective

Provide sustainable employment to 1,00,000 rural youth by establishing RuralShores centres in each of the 500 rural districts of India.